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    A female owned production company, dedicated to bringing poignant Asian and diversity stories to the big and small screen, as well as the stage.

    Thank you for visiting us! Anzu Lawson

    A female owned production company, dedicated to bringing poignant Asian and diversity stories to the big and small screen as well as the stage - Thank you for visiting us! Anzu Lawson
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    Dear John, Why Yoko?

    Feature Film & Broadway Musical

    An original musical movie about John Lennon & Yoko Ono's soul contract to raise the consciousness of the world, at a cost... told for the first time, from Yoko's perspective


    **Screenplay AND Book for stage are available



    Harlots & Hooligans - TV

    A one hour serialized TV drama, set in Prohibition-Era Los Angeles. Told through the eyes of histories ethnically diverse yet dangerous women and LGBT gangsters of the 1920's (Black, Chinese, Native-American, Latin.) Murder, music and gin.

    The Rub - TV

    A 30 minute single-camera comedy about a struggling Asian starlet turned reluctant massage therapist to the stars, forcing her to navigate her way through the under belly of Hollywood with a broken moral compass & a Motley Crue of friends with agendas.

    The Viking & The Pendulum- Short

    A film about karmic debt between two souls that have lost their way and the only way out is death.

    Dear Yoko

    A One Woman Show starring Anzu Lawson, debuting July 2019.

    Directed & Developed by Jessica Lynn Johnson







    Blood and Candy

    A Drama/Comedy -In the tone of Lady Bird meets Baby Driver

    About an ingenious 18 year old kid named Joey who goes on a wild hunt, with his (fast talking East Indian) best friend named Rafi, to find a sister he never knew he had, in hopes that she is a bone marrow match for their much-older estranged father Jack, who has stage 3 Leukemia.

    Set against the backdrop of True Romance like set pieces and highly charged comedy banter in the vein of 48 hours/Midnight Run.

    The heart of this story is about giving and getting second chances at life.

    Geisha School Drop Out

    A Broad Comedy Action film in the vein of AUSTIN POWERS meets ELF with a Geisha twist.


    Television Series by Anzu Lawson & Frieda Jane



    True Detective meets Killing Eve with a twist of STRANGER THINGS.



    A mystical recluse leads a methodical FBI Agent to her son’s serial killer.



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